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Research plan & International cooperation Dept.

Tuesday, 03/11/2015, 13:52 GMT+7

Research plan & International cooperation Dept.

Research plan & International cooperation Dept.

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Vice head: Dang Dinh Quang
Mobile: 0912 611 430

Head: Vu Ngoc Tu
Tel: 02103 865.379
Mobile: 0949.909.910

Vice head: Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy
Tel: 043 754 5880
Mobile: 0913 369 579

Assisting general director to orient science and technology, development and management projects, programs, international cooperation projects, demonstration, production, technical transferring for production; Development of facilities and potential of Science and Technology for both long term and short term.

1. Research planning and science management:
- Development of scientific projects for both long term and short term and plans

- Development of plans for international cooperation of research and technique transferring.

- Development of promoting plans, publishing books, documents and budget for conducting.

- Guiding on development of research proposal, research contents, and planning budget follows regulations of the government.

- Management, monitoring projects to make sure the activities are conducted well as approved.
- Synthesizing research results as the requirements
2. Production and demonstration
- Building production plan for long term and short term.

- Building research plan in detail for departments and centers annually base on the ability of human resource and funding in order to use all the resources in the most effective ways.

- Checking and monitoring the implementation of production plan and consumption of the experiment products, applying technical procedure in the models. Assigning the Institute leaders in management and guiding production beneficially.

3. International cooperation:

- Development cooperative plans with foreign organizations: Including contents and method of cooperation, funding and deadlines.

- Building plans for visiting foreign countries and organizing for the coming of foreigners and international workshop annually.

- Management the contents of international cooperation.
4. Technique transferring and extension:

- Synthesizing research results and identification the most suitable techniques for production (new varieties, procedures). Advisory to the leaders on effective approaches to expand quickly the noticeable research results.

- Management and guiding activities on techniques transferring, extension.

- Development the promotion, training documents, procedures for transferring.

Written : Lê Hữu Huấn

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