Tea research and development center


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Vice Director: Dr. Ng. Thi Hong Lam
Tel:  02103 732 868
Mobile: 0915 976 999
Email: phuongmnpb@yahoo.com.vn

Director: Dr. Dang Van Thu
Tel:  02103 865 137
Mobile: 0913 087 663
Email: dvthu206@yahoo.com

Vice Director: Dr. Ng. Thi Minh Phuong
Tel:  02103 731 036
Mobile: 0986 816 040
Email: phuongmnpb@yahoo.com.vn


Tasks and functions:

a.     Design projects/programs, scientific research plans, transfer techniques long term and short term for tea production and development.

b.    Conduct survey, collect, develop and protect genome collection on tea.

c.     For scientific research, technique transferring:

- Research, breeding selection, demonstration and development tea varieties for production and development in whole country.

- Research on quality of new tea varieties.

- Development of technical procedures for production (Cultivation, fertilizing, plan protection)

- Development of intensive cultivation models towards high yield, effectiveness of tea production.

- Cooperation with some organizations for research on equipment, processing techniques and tea market.

d.    Management and implement extension programs

e.    Cooperation and implement international programs on scientific research, technical transferring, and development of human resource for tea research and development.

f.     Production seedlings, raw material and samples of new products.

g.    Cooperation and management Vietnam tea museum

h.    Implement other tasks as assign from the Institute.